About Me

exeter-massage-therapistHello, I’m Bear.

I qualified in the ITEC massage diploma in 2008 in Exeter after training with Claire Maxwell Hudson (twice) in London. I’d always wanted to be a massage therapist, but took the long way round and ended up pursuing corporate avenues in a quest for “success”. No more. Now massage is my primary career, and my definition of success is making people feel great through massage. I bring peace, relaxation and well-being.

I know first hand the tremendous benefits that massage can give you. Quite apart from any medical benefits, it simply makes you feel good. But it also reduces anxiety, improves mood, and reduces muscular aches and pains built up from the stress and hubbub of everyday life. Massage is really about keeping your body in balance.

Stress or tension can accumulate and be held within the body. When it builds up and isn’t dissipated, it can cause problems, pain, insomnia and other illnesses. Stress, I believe, isn’t just something we have to put up with – we’re not supposed to be holding tension all the time. A massage is a nurturing, caring treatment, designed to restore you to yourself.